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Funeral Celebrancy Service

Memorable funerals take time, patience and understanding. They require a special person, someone who is prepared to sit with people as they grieve, and give them the time they need to collect their thoughts, bring out photos, think about music, and tell many many stories. They require someone who is able to visit the family and be contactable at all times.

The celebrant then must take the stories and turn them into ceremonies, checking back with the family to ensure that everything is just how they want it to be. The funeral is invariably held within a very short space of time, meaning that the celebrant has very limited time in which to create a meaningful, memorable ceremony. In addition, the celebrant liaises with the funeral directors, and conducts the ceremony in a meaningful manner.

As your celebrant I will assist your family with the following:

  • the structure and design of the funeral ceremony
  • give suggestions on the selection of poetry and readings etc that pay proper and adequate tribute to the person who has died
  • encourage family and friends to take part in the ceremony.

The needs of bereaved families have not changed over the years, but expectations have grown as people have realised that professional Funeral Celebrants can provide wonderful ceremonies of memorial that celebrate their loved one's life and help them to say farewell in a dignified and meaningful way.